Our Sea Department plays an important role in the development of our company. We have established the long-term relationship with almost all carriers, offering you flexible sailing schedule, competitive rates, and space availability during peak seasons. Our main markets are ASIAN countries such as JAPAN, KOREA, CHINA, HONG KONG, MALAYSIA, INDONESIA and PHILIPPINES...


We provide customers with air transport services from all locations around the world. We help you to expand the world market, and put the entire planet become reachable. We ensure the goods are safe and timely delivery, regardless of where your goods are being sent.

Custom Brokerage

Besides the preparation for mean of delivery, custom clearance must be done before shipping cargo. This is significant step affecting to schedules, the cost, especially relating to tax after clearance.

Basing on this, we have equipped office as Custom Brokerage specializing in:

  • - Custom clearance/ custom check after clearance
  • - Apply quality inspection/ import license
  • - Apply chemical register, phytosanitary, animal quarantine, health certification
  • - Apply all C/O form A, B, D, E, AANZ, AK, AJ …
  • - Consult for H.S code, Import Duty, Custom Price Approval


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